“Cr’o’s End Box”

Day 4, and this one’s a bit of a weird one, exploring the idea of curses and such.  Have fun.  I did.  And again, I have to apologise for the crappy drawing!

“Cr’o’s End Box”

Ancient box the size of the palm of a Terran’s hand.  There are dozens of legends and stories surrounding the box, none truly agreeing on its origin.  The most popular theory is that it is the final essence of Cr’o, a great sorcerer who attempted to defy nature and extend his life through sorcerous means.

In actuality, all that occurred was a teleporter malfunction, leaving Cr’o in pieces, his followers gathering up his ashes and placing and sealing them in the obsidian box.  His symbol, his people’s icon for death, was welded onto the side.

After this, records lose sight of it, the box turning up in the Savage Halo among the Rings of Avaran, where a local warrior befell an horrendous accident with his own sword.  The next owner, another sorcerer, tripped and fell down a well, snapping his own neck.  And so on.  Each owner of the box is given the hope of finding a new and expensive looking artefact, before befalling a most heinous accident hours later whilst holding it.

Everybody dreads the day when somebody posts the Box to them, in case they become its latest victim, either by choice, or by accident.

As for the box itself, it is said that a new millimetre-long scratch appears with the death of each owner.  Some, on a paranoid day, even claim that they can hear Cr’o’s voice whispering unintelligibly, carrying on the curse…

4 - C C'r'o's End Box


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