“Bilm Tree”

Day 3, and the turn of the letter B, and something from the books that you might have missed (read “What Happened Next” to see why), a creature of ill-temper.  Not something to be crossed.


“Bilm Tree”


Semi- sentient carnivorous trees native to a planet in the MB7823 star system.  They almost killed Adam Caine, although he gained the upper hand, and then slaughtered a huge group of them with the Kara Marazov’s weapons.

Unlike the many humanoid races that have evolved from trees and plants, Bilm Trees are actual trees with an intelligence level comparable to wolves, moving when they need to.  They hunt like a pack of predators, following the directions of the eldest matriarchal figure.

It is thought that the Bilm Trees are descendants of a long ancient race, devolved into baseless primitive creatures, though no proof is available.

3 - B Bilm Tree

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