“The Adam Caine”

Day 2, and next one is a bit more familiar for those who read The Legend of Adam Caine, and more specifically, the “All Fall Down” epic.



Adam Caine, The

The Adam Caine is a custom-built starship constructed by the Timewalkers on the surface of their homeworld Gol Trath.  The ship was a platform for scientific exploration, travel, and transport.  It was launched in late 4009ad, manned by many Timewalkers, as well as others of the scientific community.

The ship was tasked with exploring the Ckeer Najoor star system, and discovered an ancient structure in high orbit of the system’s star.  A team of Timewalkers boarded the structure with the help of M’Der Tr’n and his own ship, the Red Stallion.  The Adam Caine was attacked and disabled by Okarnagan Far Riders invading the star system, and the ship was left in high orbit.  The surviving crew were rescued by the Terran Navy under the command of Raymond Sansky, but the ship was too badly damaged, and unable to keep orbit without its crew, falling into the star.

2 - A The Adam Caine

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