Day 31!  The final one of the challenge!  And who else would it be for the final story but Adam himself?  Well, kind of!  It’s Evelyn really…  Next month (tomorrow) I’ll start posting the Encyclopaedia entries, one a day in alphabetical order… hopefully!



She raced through the corridors, the hot breath of her attackers on the back of her neck.  She knew these corridors intimately, a place she used to run around in and hide when she was a child.  But they all looked different now she was grown up.

How did she get here?

What was chasing her?

Why couldn’t she focus on what was behind her?  Her body refused to turn around to see, but she knew there was something there, something horrible and vicious.

She knew it would kill her.

It would eat her and rip her to shreds.

Yet her body couldn’t, or wouldn’t let her turn around.

She kept running.


She knew this place, but she couldn’t remember its name.  Why couldn’t she?   What was this place?

Daddy please…

She knew what chased her.  Why was she alone?  Where was everyone?  The corridors were blank and yet at the same time splashed with something that made her feel sick to look at.  She could hear her own breathing, and the gurgles of the creatures behind her.

Daddy please help…

She was all alone, and the creatures she couldn’t see were there, at the corners of her eyes, behind her, breathing on her.

She tripped and fell on her front, and started crying, curling up into a ball.  Where was he?  Where was her cuddly?  Why weren’t they protecting her?  She bawled, refusing to open her eyes.

Daddy please help me…

A shadow fell over her.

“I’m here, Evie,” a warm voice said.

She opened her eyes, and his face pushed through into her view.  There was worry on his face and his hand reached towards her.

“Daddy’s here.”


*           *           *


Adam shook Evelyn awake.

She was screaming for him, pleading even.

“I’m here, Evie,” he said.  “Daddy’s awake.”

She leapt into his arms, wrapping her little green arms around his neck.  She was sobbing, and he was sure she had wet her little bed.  They were on the Kara, in her little bunkroom just off the cockpit, and he had heard her screaming from the controls.

“It’s alright,” he said as calm as he could.  He didn’t dare the voice the panic he felt in his heart.  He had thought she was being attacked.

“What were you dreaming about?”

“The place where you rescued me,” she answered quietly.

“Odyssey Station?”

She nodded, still sniffing.

“Can you sing me a song, Daddy?”

He was flabbergasted.

“I… I don’t know any children’s songs,” he admitted.

“Sing me a song from your home Daddy,” she said.  The shock and adrenaline of the horrific nightmare was already wearing off, and she was getting heavy-eyed and sleepy.  “Sing Daddy.”

He grumbled nearly silently, dredging his memory for something child appropriate.

He sighed.

“Okay, but don’t laugh.”

She shook her head.

“Never Daddy.”

He cleared his throat gently and sang.

“Here’s forty shillings on the drum for those who volunteer to come

To ‘list and fight the foe today – Over the hills and far away

O’er the hills and o’er the main, Through Flanders Portugal and Spain

King George commands and we obey – Over the hills and far away

When duty calls me I must go, to stand and face another foe

But part of me will always stray – Over the Hills and far away

O’er the hills and o’er the main, Through Flanders Portugal and Spain

King George commands and we obey –Over the hills and far away

If I should fall to rise no more, as many comrades did before

Then ask the fifes and drums to play – Over the hills and far away

O’er the hills and o’er the main, Through Flanders Portugal and Spain

King George commands and we obey –Over the hills and far away

The fall in lads behind the drum. With colours blazing like the sun

Along the road to come what may – Over the hills and far away

O’er the hills and o’er the main, Through Flanders Portugal and Spain

King George commands and we obey –Over the hills and far away.”


He slipped out when she had been asleep for a few minutes, long enough to go into a deep sleep.  Her nightmares of Odyssey Station and the creatures unleashed upon the facility were getting better, less frequent.

He closed the door until there was only a small crack.

A message was waiting for him in the cockpit, the monitor blinking a transmission.  The ID was a planet called Ckeer Najoor, the database showing him a location out on the far edge of the Milky Way, just outside Terran territory.

He opened up the transmission.

The face of a Mertik male, older than he was, appeared on the screen, fear and pain etched plainly on his bright green features.

“Captain Caine, my name is Relion, and I have been asked by Ckeer Najoor’s governing body, such as it is, to contact you in the hopes of procuring your services.  We do not have much in the way of money, but we would be grateful indeed if you would assist us in a… pest problem.”

Adam frowned.

He had nothing else to do.  M’Der Tr’n’s latest adventure had left him wanting to find a more permanent home for himself and Evelyn, somewhere for her to grow up.

He set a course for Ckeer Najoor….

31 - Sleep  Pacific-Rim-kaiju

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