“Look Up!”

Day 22, and I’m still going!  Can’t believe!  Today it’s the return of two old friends of mine.  Together, they are brothers, family but not blood relatives.  The two most dangerous men in the known universe!  Can you tell what is yet?

“Look Up!”


The prisoner was being uncooperative.

He was chained to a chair, his head hung over.

He was laughing.

“What is so funny, Vice-Admiral?”

The prisoner chuckled.  “Nothing.”

The interrogator backhanded him across the face, earning a tiny spatter of blood, and a growl of pain.  The prisoner spat more blood on the floor.  And then laughed again.

“What are your command codes, Vice-Admiral?!” the interrogator shouted.

Several heavies marched into the room.  These were more of the same morons who served any number of criminal groups, this group being one of many successors to the Emissaries of Power.  They were after his command codes as the commander of the New Terra Battlegroup.

“I told you.  They changed them as soon as I was captured from my holiday.”

“But there are protocols for you to still use them, to gain access to verify your identity, and regain your command after such an event.”

“From a superior officer, yes.  But you won’t get that far.”

The interrogator laughed back.

“I’m quite serious.  He’s coming.”


“My brother.  You captured me and left my wife alone.”

“We only needed you, Vice-Admiral Sansky.”

Raymond nodded.  “That is probably so.  But my wife would have put in a rather panicked call to my brother, who is almost certainly on his way, if not here already.”

The interrogator looked uncertain.

“Who is your brother?”

“Well… he’s not biologically,” the prisoner said, talking conversationally as if over a cup of dark cafi.  “But you know, family springs up in the strangest of places.  And my brother?  He is coming.  In fact, I think he’s here.”

“What’s that noise?” one of the heavies said, his rumbling voice drawing everyone’s attention.  Footsteps were thumping speedily along the roof.

“Look up,” Sansky said with a smirk.

The heavies slowly looked up to the transparent ceiling.  It was dark out, but there was a figure crouched there on the roof.  One voided his bowels and dropped to the floor moaning, whilst a second ran from the room screaming.

Where the head of the dark figure was there were two glowing green eyes.

The ceiling smashed and the figure dropped through, landing perfectly on both feet.  The interrogator tried to stand his ground, but the figure stood high, standing to its full height above his own.  He shivered with fear.

The Ghost.

The interrogator wisely chose to exit the room, leaving the whimpering heavy in the corner.

“Adam,” Raymond said cheerily.  “Funny seeing you here.”

The Ghost ripped his green-eyed hood off.

Adam Caine stared at his friend.

“You know, if you liked chains and handcuffs, I would have given them as a present for you and Hannah.  You didn’t have to go these extreme lengths.”

Raymond gave his friend a withering stare.

“Just shut up and get me out of here, will you please?”

22 - Look Up!  green-glowing-eyes

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