Day 20!  Still going!  Still got plenty of ideas!  This one’s a bit different; I’m not one for religion, but this was the first idea that dropped into my head.  Sorry for anyone that gets offended, assuming anyone bothers to read it!  I’m fairly certain nobody is!


The Edifice of Sky-Fellowship Godhood reached far into the sky.

Its tip touched the upper atmosphere, part mountain, part artificial construction.  It followed no real architectural design other than up, some of ti carved out of the mountain it sat on, the rest built on top.

A line of steps wound its way up one side of its moss-encrusted flanks, worn and cracked by millions of pilgrims journeying to the top and down again, passing through the more modern hovering platforms at various heights.

Starships orbited the monumental construct, some adorned with the religious iconography and colours of the religions associated with the ancient place.

Ick Day struggled up the last few steps.

“Gods above, why did I do this?”

Everyone else in his order’s climbing group were on the final platform, unwilling or unable to join him.  He was the only one with the faith to carry on the final leg.  His body was failing, and he still had a few metres to go.

Other pilgrims walked down the steps, relief on their faces that they had made it, and the only way was down from there.

That didn’t give him much hope.

“Help me,” he cried to the nearest.  They just shrugged and shook their heads worriedly.  He gave them a rude gesture, and literally crawled the last few steps.  His breathing was ragged and his vision was dimming; his limbs were weak and he slumped down onto the top step within sight of the shrine at the peak.

He couldn’t go any further.

He laid down to rest.

There were cries from the shrine’s keepers as they saw Ick Day lying there.

“I just wanna close my eyes for a second.  Just a quick nap before I get there.”

*           *           *

Ick Day opened his eyes.

He was surrounded by white clouds.

“Where am I?”

“This is heaven,” a deep voice said.  “Or what your primitive mind perceives as heaven.”


He was still groggy and not entirely awake.

“This is a higher plain of existence,” the voice continued.  “Because of your faith, because of your ability to open your mind you have ascended.”  The clouds coalesced into the vague shape of a person, and one gestured behind it.

“You must take the final steps to your well-earned enlightenment.”

“Steps?” he wailed.

Ick Day ran in the opposite direction.

20 - Steps  ungol1

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