Day 18, holy smokes!  On the list, this one says YOUR PICK! and I thought about writing with that title and subject, but then decided to pick my own and go with something I tried to do in an entire novel but never finished.  So here’s the truncated version, without politics, romance, etc.


Rubic’lan’as’tor watched the planet below.

His non-corporeal body floated above its atmosphere, watching as a giant asteroid slammed into its surface.  It wouldn’t hurt him, there were few things, bar a collection of unstable quantum singularities, that could.  But he was fascinated by it.

There were billions of beings down there, and in orbit in great starships and space stations.

The evacuation had come too late; however, they were still trying, still saving as many lives as possible.

Tens of millions died in the initial impact, but then the inner core destabilised, the crust broke apart, cracking out from the impact point like an egg.

Red-hot magma spilled out, earthquakes levelled cities, shockwaves and dust-clouds reverberated across what was left of the surface.  Oceans began to boil as the magma seeped up from the ocean floor.

Whole towns and cities disappeared and millions more died as the planet’s orbit and spin ripped apart, tearing chunks of the crust off and smashing what was left like glass.

All this happened in a matter of minutes, and Rubic’lan’as’tor continued to watch, using his mental abilities to feel the full horror of what was happening.  He had seen planets die –he was ancient, it was inevitable- but this planet was different; it was somehow more important than all the others, but he couldn’t put his figurative finger on it.

The planet finally came apart with a thunderous crack that even he felt and the remaining population died in an instant, those still in close orbit joining them a few seconds later.  A shockwave blasted out from the core, and the planet was no more.

Curious, he searched the minds of the survivors, realising he didn’t know the name of the planet he had just watched die.

He discovered several names in their panicked minds.

But one stood out, filling him with dread.


18 - Disaster earth_destruction_by_zevenstorms

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