Day 17!  And this one is a return to an old battlefield from Recon One-Five, thirteen years after the war with the Jalic is over!  A surprise for a hunter, who finds things turned around on him… “Shiny” 4019ad. Nano Rimmo. Southern Continent. He knew he was being hunted. The quietness of the surrounding wildlife was an obvious giveaway, the smaller creatures terrified into silence. He knew what was hunting him. He had been hunting it for the last four hours around the top of the Medusa Escarpment.  He stalked around the vehicles.  Years ago, they had been abandoned during the Jalic Incursion, but rather than scrap them and melt them down, the government simply piling them up on the grass by the Highway.  The road was busy, but it circled away and down into the Medusa Ramp. The traffic was too fast, the road too empty for anybody to notice what was happening. The creature was here. He could hear its heavy breathing, smell its rank rotten breath nearby. The vehicles here were beaten and old, battered and dull.  So what was that shining ahead?  It was the female nikthine he had come to Nano Rimmo for. The chitinous armour was still, waiting behind a large armoured security transport that had been burned out from the inside.  It was waiting for him.  He crouched low, and prowled forward, unable to believe that the creature would make such a basic mistake. Its armour glinted in the sunshine, making it stand out amongst the dull wrecks. The armour was too thick to shoot with his rifle, so he would have to get a better angle.  He cut down a small pathway that brought out and around towards the head end.  The creature hadn’t moved. His paranoia tingled as he sighted down the rifle’s scope at where the thing’s head should be.  When he got a good look, the creature’s head was half-gone, rotten and skeletal. Horror in his face and heart, he turned to his right, where the nikthine had been waiting patiently, ready to pounce.  The massive creature was perched expertly on the top of the ruins of a Jalic tank, and its back legs were already pushing it forward to a pounce.

“Clever girl.”

17 - Shiny  alone_on_the_road_by_grivetart-d4nvn3v

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