Day 16, holy mother of god, I’m still going!  Not run out of ideas yet, though I’ve come close a few times!  This one stumped me for a while, but then I had a flash of playing the original Knights of the Old Republic, and the Tatooine level…



The pick-up skimmed along the desert at an impatient rate, its anti-grav disks humming loudly.  Its crystal engine made no noise, certainly no more than its cursing occupant, who was pushing the hove-vehicle harder than he ever had.

Alfon had seen the status display in his house and immediately jumped in his hover-truck, blasting across the length of his two-thousand-five-hundred square-kilometre property.  The sand, and the crops and genetically-engineered cattle, had quickly disappeared underneath him as he raced to the edge.

He arrived, awkwardly sliding his truck to a halt.

He jumped out and ran to the fallen post.

“Nark!” he shouted.

The free-standing post was one of thousands surrounding his sand-locked farm, combining to project an invisible magnetic barrier that prevented the cattle from escaping and stopped intruders.  The network of energy depended on the free posts being aligned, stable and vertical.  The sand usually had other ideas.

“Spend all my blasted time looking after these things,” he moaned out loud.  His farm was mostly automated, but the machines he had didn’t seem to grasp the concept.

He grabbed the fallen post and uprighted it, pushing it into the sand.

Satisfied, he turned and opened the driver-side door of the truck.

He heard a flump of noise, something hitting the ground.

He turned to see the post had come down again.

Growling, he marched over and righted it again.

He hadn’t even made it to the truck the next time when it collapsed.  The next two followed suit.

He threw down his dust cap and jumped up and down on it, shouting nonsensical expletives and pounding the cap into the sand.

As he did so, a whole line of them fell over.


16 - Fence  tatooine1

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