Day 15 and halfway there (kind of).  This is just two guys chatting about stuff… honest.  Okay, so it’s two mercenaries after pulling a job.  Enjoy!


“You wouldn’t.”

“Why not?  I have a gun; I should use it before you do the same.”

“We’ve been through so much; why would I?”

“Same reason I am?”

“The money?”

“Yep.  Sixteen-point-three million credits is a lot of money for men like us.”

“We’re mercs, not contract killers.”

“There’s a difference?”

“Maybe not.  But we’re not exactly normal, are we?”

“No.  That is true.  Perhaps eight million each is enough.  But then you would always be around, always close to killing me.  What happens if somebody takes out a contract on me, and tasks you with it?”

“Like I said, we’ve been through too much together.  I wouldn’t dare.”


“I suppose I better not do it then.”



“Cos somebody already put out a contract on you my deceased friend.  Sixteen-point-three million credits IS a hell of a lot of money, and I couldn’t pass it up.  Sorry you old fernikker, but this game isn’t what it used to be.”


“Just making sure.  You never know.”


15 - Money  Hard_Boiled_Hospital_Gun_Scene

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