Day 14 and not what you were expecting I’ll bet.  Even a glass of water can be dangerous.



Tumo was sat on his own, as he regularly was.

He hadn’t been to this restaurant before, but it seemed inviting enough.  His friends avoided this place like the plague, but he had no idea why.  They had told him to have his gullet replaced with re-entry tiles, or they would have to be surgically replaced at the hospital.

Terrans weren’t meant to eat the food at Griiino’s.

It wasn’t… compatible.

He refused to believe them and ordered the Inferno.

The waiting staff were watching him with interest, some of them smirking and whispering to each other.

The manager looked worried.

The waiter had warned Tumo that it wasn’t for human consumption, but he refused to let that stop him.  The waiter had shrugged and placed the order with the kitchen, the laughter of the cooking staff filtering back to the tables.

He frowned when the waiter brought his plate out.

It was made of metal, and was brought out on a heat-reflective board, actual smoke roiling off it.  He noticed one of the staff surreptitiously turn the fire retardant system on, and he saw his face appear on the little screen.

He shook his head.

There wasn’t a single bit of food that Tumo could not handle.

Nothing had stumped him so far.

The waiter put it in front of him.

It smelled so good, his mouth watering to the point of dribbling.

The smoke seared his nostril hairs, even burning a little as it hit his sinuses.

“Smells good,” he said cheerily.

He was given an apron similar to those worn by metal workers, placed gently around his neck to cover his front and legs.  He was also given a pair of thick oven gloves, after which the waiter retreated rapidly.  Several of the nearby tables moved further away, dragging themselves closer to the walls.

He looked at them suspiciously, but shrugged and dipped his spoon into the bowl.  It sizzled a bit, but he was expecting that from something called the Inferno.

He took a mouthful.

It hurt.  It felt like his mouth was on fire, the spices far stronger than anything he had tasted before.  He swore and reached for the glass of water.

The waiting staff shouted for him to stop.


It was too late, he was gulping the glass of water down.

He roared with pain, and fire erupted from his mouth in a jet of flaming heat.  It continued to burn and he was charging across the restaurant, and dove into the fish tank.

*           *           *

The paramedics carried him away twenty minutes later.

He was barely conscious, in an incredible amount of pain, his mouth and throat a mess of burns and scarring.

“That was amazing,” he chuckled before passing out.


14 - Drink  fire-mouth

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