Day 13, and an unlucky story for an unlucky number!  This I decided to bring in actual historical figures (although they’re contemporary for us), and the worst phone call a Prime Minister can receive….



10 Downing Street.

The staff were going about their daily business, despite the tensions with the Chinese and North Koreans.  It was rumoured they were building for war, but nobody believed they would actually attack.  Why would they?  They would turn the entire world against them.

The Prime Minister was on the phone to someone, though nobody would say who or what for.  He wouldn’t let anybody into his office, not even his own Cabinet, who were waiting patiently in one of the many reception rooms.

They were all nervous, none speaking.

The news had reported an incident in America, but nobody had any details.

One of the servants stepped up, a worried look on her face.

She cleared her throat.

“Excuse me, sirs?” she said in a timid voice.  “Mister Cameron has asked that you be shown into his office.”

They all looked at each other, worry on their faces.  The Chancellor led the way, pushing gently through the door into the Prime Minister’s office.  The Defence Minister seemed already aware, taking a spot closer to the PM than the others.  The PM nodded to him, and the Defence Minister groaned.

“I’ve just been in contact with President Obama.  At three a.m. this morning, a nuclear weapon was deployed and detonated in the state of Iowa.  Casualties are currently at ninety-thousand and climbing.  The CIA have tracked the missile back to a Chinese submarine in the Pacific Ocean.”

The tensions lately had turned into a cold war, but this was something else.  Shock was evident on their faces, and a grim realisation that things were about to escalate beyond reason.

“What does this mean?” asked the Chancellor.  “Have the Chinese said anything?”

The PM shook his head.  “No.  They’ve cut off all communication, and their ambassadors left Heathrow and Dulles Airports in the early hours of this morning, using diplomatic immunity to prevent anyone from stopping them.”

“So it’s begun?” asked the Defence Minister.  In truth, he hadn’t said it as a question.

“The Americans are already mobilising,” replied the PM.  He sighed, and he felt tired beyond his years, fighting to keep back tears that threatened to well.  “As of this morning, we are at war with China.  A Third World War.”


10 Downing Street.

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