Day 12!  This one is a bit more of normality in the Nineteen Galaxies universe, with somebody going to buy carpet from a rather unusual shopkeeper….


The bell rang as the door opened and closed.

The customer, a Terran woman in her fifties, wandered into the shop looking around at the large rolls of carpet attached to the walls and ceiling.  Stands showing hinged squares of material were littered around Imna’s shop, her collection of product extremely diverse.

Imna herself was situated in her spot in the corner, all eight limbs busy doing individual tasks whilst she wasn’t even watching, her compound eyes taking in everything, never blinking.

“Can I help you?” she asked genially.

The woman looked nervous.  Imna had that effect on other races, especially Terrans, but she still persisted in her immortally cheery attitude.  Nothing got her down, not even this woman’s arachnophobia.

“I… I was told you have the best carpets on New Terra.”

“Ha!  That’s true.  I’ve got suppliers from all across the nineteen galaxies; anything you can dream of at reasonable prices.  Plus I have dozens of locally handmade rolls, some even made by my hatchlings’ school.”  A gigantic grin spread across her arachnoid face, stretching literally between whatever passed for her ears.

“I… Really?”

There was a hopeful note to her voice.  Imna felt like she was winning this one over.

“Of course,” she smiled.  “Even if I don’t have it on the computer, I can probably get it, or get it made to order.”

“I… Wow.”

“Here,” said Imna, gesturing to the nearest roll, “Have a feel.”

The customer brushed her hand along the top of the thick furry carpet.  She nodded, her face lighting up.

“That’s incredible.”

“Isn’t it just?  It’s called Regal Plumage apparently.  I believe it is made from the fur of a creature known as a… yak?”

The customer shook her head, not knowing what a yak was or what it even looked like.

She winked at the customer.

The woman chuckled, feeling the incredibly soft texture.

“I’ll take it.”

12 - Texture carpet-shop-courtyard_4

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