Day 11!  Can’t believe I’ve made it this far!  This one goes back to a planet featured in some of the very first stories I ever wrote set in the Nineteen Galaxies, a planet called Fayde.  Not that anybody’s reading this, but there we go.

So, here’s some everyday activity:




They were late.

The kids had woken up late, breakfast had been a disaster, and the night before had been tumultuous to say the least.  Her husband had gone off to work early thanks to some inconsiderate person parking a large freighter into the shipyards he worked at.

Now she had to get the kids to school and go to work herself.

The twins were arguing, the elevator taking them down towards ground level, and if she wasn’t careful they’d bare their tusks again.  The geometrically designed street curved away to either side, exposing the entire city sector as it rushed past their big elevator.

The school was sixty floors down, in the industrial sector of their skyscraping building.

The other passengers were grumbling about the two arguing children.

Thankfully, nobody outright said anything.

They would have to answer to her if they did.

Fayde spread out and down and up around them as they descended.  No matter how many times she came through this way, she was always amazed at the size and breath-taking scale of Fayde City itself.  She had lived here her whole life; why would she want to go anywhere else?

The screens in the elevator flashed red.

It was the storm warning.

“It’s a few hours early,” someone commented absently.

The clouds were darkening already above the city.  The storms were monumentally bad.  Nobody moved, nobody panicked, in fact most barely even paid them any attention.

The kids, however, loved it, jumping and clapping excitedly.

The clouds lit up, and great forks of purple lightning struck the towering buildings around them.  The lightning thundered and crackled down the sides.

On any other world, this was cause for concern.

On Fayde, it was just another day.

11 - Everyday  future_city_darko

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