Day 10!  Crikey, another 21 to go!  Can I do this?  Hope so!  Anybody else doing it?  Anybody reading this?




“Tresmesne, where the devil are you?” he cried out.

He searched the hut for his friend.  Nothing.


He searched the surrounding area, but found no trace of him.

“Damn him,” he grumbled.  “Why does he keep doing this to me?”

His friend wasn’t anywhere he looked.  Tresmesne had a habit of doing that, disappearing when he needed him most.  He shook his head as he searched further afield, through the jungle at the edge of the beach, away from his cabin.

The beach was devoid of anything other than driftwood, the white sand hot under his bare feet.

He grumbled to himself as he searched the rockpools at the western end of this beach.  This was where Tresmesne had come yesterday.  He marched along the sand, watching the treeline.

The wind was picking up a bit, but it was still nice and comfortably warm.

“C’mon, Tresmesne, I’m tired,” he called out.  “I haven’t got the energy to do this all damn day again.”

There was movement in the long grass and he frowned.

He charged towards the movement, and saw a something disappear further away.

Tresmesne, it would seem, was playing hide and seek.

He was just starting to give up when something brushed past his leg.  He looked down, and there was the feline, purring away happily.

“Very funny, Tresmesne,” he chuckled, giving the stupid cat a rub between his ears.  “C’mon, we’ve chores to do.  There’s no-one else on this island; hasn’t been for a decade; so we’re the only ones who can look after it, aren’t we?”


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