Day 9 of the challenge, and here’s some wipeout-inspired action!


Engines hummed as the racers readied themselves.

The cup-like pods hovered above the track.  The first corner and the loop were clearly visible ahead even from the starting grid.

Rees Brenn adjusted his pod’s ailerons, making sure the engine’s fuel mix was settled and ready for the speedy start.  The final checks were ready, and he could hear the roar of the crowd as the announcer wound them up into a cheering frenzy.

The holographic lights and signs flickered to life.

The red lights flashed to life, bathing the starting grid.

The crowd cheered louder.

Brenn gunned his pod’s engine, the craft wobbling under the strain as the track’s mag-locks kept it in place ready for the start.  The second set of reds flashed to life, and his pressure gauge went up as he pushed the throttle higher for the acceleration.

There was a much longer pause.

And then the greens flashed to life.

The mag-locks released and the thirty pods suddenly jumped forward.  Two craft had engine failures, one just stopping and dropping to the deck, the other spinning and crashing into the safety barriers, the pod exploding brightly.

Brenn pushed his pod into the wake of the one in front, using the slipstream to gain ground.  He bounced the anti-gravs against the track and the nose of the craft rebounded into the air.  His pod jumped over fourth place, and he was one step closer to his greatest win.

The barrel roll spun everyone over.  Third place’s craft wobbled as it tried to compensate for the sudden shift, but failed, dropping off the track and onto the ground beneath, smashing and rolling.  He regained power, but dropped to the back of the pack.

Brenn was third.

He grinned manically, adjusting his goggles to compensate for the sudden wind.

Racing was his life.

He pushed the throttle further, and he was catching second by the next turn, the barrel roll behind them.

This was the life.

9 - Fast vwpeoplecarvid

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