Sorry this is a day late, yesterday (sunday) I was a bit out of it, flued up and barely conscious, so today there’s two!!!  This isn’t a story so much as one of those little bits of Nineteen Galaxies history.




On most worlds, snow was innocent.

It was beautiful, despite the inherent difficulties.  Sure it could kill a person in minutes if they’re not prepared and wrapped up enough, but it was still just frozen water.  Artists made pieces about it, out of it, around it.  The military used it for training, conditioning soldiers and such.

It was innocent.

But Werlut was a Deathworld.

A snow drift could appear from literally nowhere and engulf specific areas.  It could wrap a man and freeze them to a spot in seconds, prepared or not.

It had sentience.

Werlut was a planet avoided by everyone but the most insane; here, only the toughest and most cunning survived.  There were no cities, only a station –called Peak- in orbit above the equator.  Strength wasn’t always enough.  Many came onto this world with others, so that when the snow appeared, they could use them as cannon fodder to escape, watching as they were taken by the snow.

The snow got everyone in the end, though, so the saying went.

But then how would the stories get out?

It was even rumoured that the snow storms pushed against the planet’s upper atmosphere, reaching up towards the space station.  But nobody had ‘officially’ seen it, and the storms always dissipated before readings could be taken.  Some said there were faces in the clouds, groaning and moaning like some ancient ghost.

There were legends, even, of parts of it escaping and terrorising passing starships.

Werlut sent men insane just by looking from orbit.

Snow wasn’t innocent.

It hunted.

5 - Snow snow_in_lonely_planet-1920x1080

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