“The Letter ‘D'”

Day 4 and I’m still going!  Woohoo!!!!  This one’s a bit weird, but then what isn’t when it’s written by me, right?  Who else is doing it?  How are you getting on?


The Letter “D”

New Amsterdam Public Library.

Gallery 3.

Ath Brek was one of the most renowned artists in the Nineteen Galaxies, his pieces loved by millions across hundreds of planets.  He was one of the few that still used traditional paints on canvas, making only two-dimensional artwork.

His latest piece was about to be revealed.

A mass of holographers, reporters, and big-time celebrities had been invited to the reveal, with the hopes of seeing another masterpiece.  Some had come for the free publicity, others for the genuine love of art.

Brek himself stood by a large panel twice as tall as he was and covered a four metre-length of the wall behind.  It was covered with a felt curtain that kissed the carpeted floor.  The Library’s Chairman and the Head of Art were stood off to one side as well, waiting patiently.

The crowd were talking excitedly; holding drinks and eating nibbles that were being served by the massive library’s catering staff.  What was this one going to be, they all thought?  Could it be another landscape harking back to the days of Old Earth?  Or something a bit more modern?  Artwork of the Terran Navy’s warships was recently back in fashion in a lot of galleries, the New Amsterdam still showing an exhibit of children’s artwork of the Navy.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and transgendered species,” the artist said, raising his voice for everyone to hear.  “I would like to present my latest piece.”  He nodded to someone off to one side, a technician, and the curtain folded from the middle, the thick strips of material folding like doors until the artwork was revealed.

There was complete silence.

Ath Brek beamed with pride.

Three people walked out without a word, another huffed angrily and joined them.

The holographers didn’t take a single picture, staring gormlessly at the giant canvas.  There was nothing on it except in the middle.

About the size of a fist, there was a symbol in the centre, the rest of it blank-white.

“What do you think?” he asked, a giant grin on his face.

They all looked at him like he was mad.


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he said.

Several more walked, including the technician and the Chairman, shaking his two heads as he stormed out.


“I know, right?”

He didn’t see it.

Someone finally spat it out.

“It’s just the Letter D.”

4 - The Letter D 23

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