So, Day 3, and the title is Blue (and the subject matter).  For those who have been following my Adam Caine series and the spin-offs, this will be an eye-opener (although not Caine-related), showing an important part of the universe, specifically the military.  Can you guess what it is?




They smashed away at the rock face with the drilling equipment, lasers cutting where the physical machinery could not.  They had a thankless task here in this super-mine, digging for metals for the Navy’s starship hulls.  Although the machines did much of the actual digging, it was still hard going, with long hours.

The monitors in the armoured cockpit blared an alarm at the miners.

A grinding noise filled the tunnel and the massive machine started growling and shaking uncontrollably.  Something metal snapped, and the machine came to a screeching halt by itself.  The miners pulled the machine back on its hover-platform, pulling it away from the rock face.

They exited, clambering down the four storeys to the ground and playing their torches about to see what had happened.

One of them gasped at the damage done to the drill itself, a massive rent torn through a third of the digging machine’s spinning digger.

“That’s going to set us back,” he said.

“Maybe not,” said the other.  He was looking at the rock, using a portable scanner.

The first miner saw what the other had seen and frowned.

“Is that a different metal?”

The second nodded.  “Looks like it.  I think that’s what wrecked the drill.”

“Tough stuff,” the first whistled.

“Yep, tough enough to use as starship hull, maybe?  I’m detecting thousands of deposits in this area; it could be used for dozens of ships.”

“But it’s blue.”

3 - Blue moonMining

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