So, the second day, the second story!  This one is called “Right”, which I’ve interpreted literally!


It’s a bit short, but I thought it was a bit light-hearted compared to my usual stuff!



New Amsterdam.


Geletti Borough.

“So I go right at the next junction?”


“And then I take a left at A4?”


“After that, I go straight on and pass through three junctions before I see the hover-car dealership with the weird silvery car outside with wheels and triangular exhausts on the back?”


“At which point, I go-”


“Ah.  So then it’s another six junctions and I’m into the next Borough?”


“And that’s Frankland, yes?”


“But you don’t know directions beyond that?”


“Do you ever say anything else?”


2 - Right Sci-fi-Art-Brad-Rigney-Stopping-for-Directions

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