Photo A Day Story Challenge (or How I’m getting back into blogging)


So, I haven’t posted properly for a while here on the blog since just after Kelsi was born over nine months ago.  Not sure why: ran out of ideas mostly, but also because I kind of retreated from the internet quite a bit.  Not entirely sure why on that either, just got a few nasty comments on Facebook and a couple of bad reviews as well as lack of interest in my books.  Since then I’ve been reblogging my wife’s blog Beinghumanish (you really need to go and read it), and the incredible reviewing powerhouse that is my friend Abhinav (Shadowhawk’s Shade).  I’ve been liking others, but never posting myself until now.

My wife Julz came up with this fantastic idea of doing one of the photo a day challenges that are out there around the interwebz, but writing a small story for each one instead of a photo.  The goal is to tell a tiny story, a snapshot if you like, of something in the Nineteen Galaxies, with only a few paragraphs, maybe up to 300 words.  There’s a thread going on my Facebook page at the moment (on and off), if you’d like to join in? 

I’ve probably shot myself in the foot, but we’ll see. 

Maybe after this, I’ll do another one, and keep going until I’ve got an entire anthology?  Not sure yet.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the big banner at the top of the page is promoting my next book, The Package.  Intrigued?  I’m looking to get it finalised soon and get it out there in the cosmos.

Also, this happened:



I’ll try to keep the challenge going, and share it as much as I can everywhere!

See you around the galaxies!


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