Graham McNeill – Raus! Untoten! Author Interview

Matthew Sylvester

As many of you will know, I’m a fledgling author. The Raus! Untoten! project is my first as an editor of anthologies. Previously, the editing I did was more magazine aka martial arts journalism based, so I was very happy indeed to get this project. What I certainly did not expect was to get a New York Times Best Selling author on board.

The opportunity to interview such an author and get into their head was too good an opportunity to pass up. So, despite knowing that he’s a tad busy creating masterpieces for the Black Library, I decided that it would be a good idea to interview Graham McNeill and find out why he was attracted to the project, and give readers a better idea as to what goes on in an author’s mind.

Naturally, I wanted to know what attracted him to the anthology.

“I think the idea…

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