Adventures in Thyme and Espace….

Haven’t posted properly for a while!  Sorreeee!

I can haz be busy!  Kinda!

Doing stuff like this:


And this:


And some of this:


And plenty of this: writing-fast

I may have got carried away somewhere!  I’m not actually sure what the original purpose of this post was, so I’ll just keep you all updated.

I’m working on The Last Diner submission as we speak, and currently nearing completion.  Hopefully going to be printed in some sort of book that isn’t self-published!  And then the world will be mine!  Bwahahahaha!  Ahem.  If the submissions don’t get accpeted into the anthologies, they’ll be posted here as part of the Tales series!  Trying to work out the details of the prequel Fall of Terra for July’s Camp Nanowrimo, and I’m currently formatting The Package to be released soon!  Hopefully!

We’re getting closer and closer to the Core War series being started.  I’ve been trying to desperately get averything else finished so that I can concentrate fully on it.

Ooh, I almost forgot, next Saturday, I’ll be posting the return of the Tales of the Nineteen Galaxies!!!!  From then on, the stories will be every two to three weeks, rather than every week (struggling to come up with ideas every week… sorry).  The first will be a return to a certain badass you-know-who, although it will be a story set before the end of Legend.

And our little Kelsi is soooo cute!  She’s squishy and now 8lb 7oz (or was last week, she gets weighed again on monday).  She’s had a couple of growth spurts and eating and poohing aplenty!  Had some fun changing a couple of nappies only for her to wee on the new one before I can even get it on properly!  Cue several more as she repeats it several times….

I’m not complaining at all!

She’s so cute!


Did I say that already?

Oh, and we’re getting a cat, that me and JJ want to call Porridge (much to Leah’s disgust):


So cute!

My army of minions is growing….



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