May the Fourth be with you!

It is, of course, National (or International) Star Wars Day.  If any of you are on Facebook I’m sure you’ve seen the millions of Star Wars pictures announcing it’s May 4th!  So rather than buck the trend, I’m going to join in!  Yesterday, I posted the cover of Heir to the Empire for Fiction Friday on my Facebook page, and got a conversation going about them (and Ploss rubbing it in with his big collection of signed books).  Today, I thought I’d muck about here on the blog, starting with this amazing duel, which I hope they’ll be able to top.

We’ve got Episode VII coming up, with all kinds of crazy rumours about it.  As much as I desperately want them to adapt the Thrawn Trilogy, it would be good to see a brand new adventure, and featuring the original cast (that includes poor Lando Calrissian, who is far more fun than the Skywalkers).  There hasn’t been any official news yet, although the original three actors have been hinting at them being involved front and centre.

Just don’t ask Harrison Ford.

Or put him in a room with Chewbacca.

Oh my god, I might actually die of laughter.  Ford really playing up his grumpy old man reputation!

There are also plenty of fan-made posters, of which these are my favourites.

So what do I love about Star Wars?


You thought I was gonna say Wookiees didn’t you?


So what do you love about Star Wars?


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