Kelsi Isla-Mae Scott was born on 15th March 2013 at 11.59am.  She was 6lb 3oz and screamed when they took her out.  And yes, I was there holding Julie’s hand through the whole procedure and got to cuddle her whilst they were stitching her up!

They dragged us in earlier than originally planned for some blood test, and then didn’t do the test.  So we ended having to wait around a bit.  There was one emergency before us, and Mr. Bidgood made a special appearance just for us.  He wound up helping with the emergency to speed things along, which gave us the image of him pushing the cleaners out of the way, getting stuck in, and telling them “I’ll do it my bloody self!”

We (as in me, Julz, every midwife in the somerset area, and Mrs. Bidgood) managed to convince him that he had to wear a red nose of some sort.  He relented and wore a little red sticker on his hat and then stuck his tongue out at Julie when she pointed it out.

And what song was playing whilst Kelsi was born?



But our beautiful daughter was born, and given us the delights of pooh-filled nappies!  Yay!

And all I want to do is om nom nom nom on her chubby cheeks!


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