Nanowrimo is over… sort of…

So, I haven’t posted anything for a full month.

I am really sorry, I’ve been busy writing for National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo).  In hindsight, I realise I should have been updating you all as I went, keeping this blog going and keeping you all interested.  Why didn’t I, you ask?  Because I’m a fething idiot, that’s why.

So,what is (or was) Nanowrimo?  Well, it’s writing a 50,000+ word novel between 1st November and 30th November with the intent of finishing it before said deadline, and receiving cool freebies at the end.  It’s also for charity, the Office of Light and Letters, who (I think) provide encouragement and equipment to classroom kids to get writing.

Last year, I wrote Recon One-Five, 72000+ words in 21 days and had time to edit and add more (in theory -I think I took away about a thousand during the edit).  Recon is probably my favourite of the books I’ve written so far, and seems to be the most popular so far.

This year was a haze of Espresso-induced writing, creating a crime thriller novel, The Case of the Empty Killer, carrying on the story of Ruul Vin-Bornn, the private detective featured heavily in Ghosts of Earth.  And guess what?  I did it!  Originally, I was aiming for 100,000 words, but I didn’t quite make it.  This morning, I finished the concluding chapter with a word count total of 81834 words!!!  Which is more than what I did last year.  By some margin!

So, now the big question is, with 6.5 days still to go, what now?  I’ve printed it out, coming to a grand total of 149 A4 pages (I kid you not).  Now, do I carry on and edit it to add more?  Or do I, as I’m really tempted, to play on my reward:


I absolutely can’t wait to play this, I’ve been waiting for this game ever since I finished Halo 3, and the build-up and hype (including the awesome Forward Unto Dawn) better be worth it.  But, I would like to get some more writing done, I just don’t know how I’m gonna do it.  I’ve already boosted the word count with what I’ve titled as “Interludes”, which are basically little television adverts (or the 41st Century equivalent), interspersed with the newsreels and even the beginning of a celebrity gossip Tv program.  I’ve tried describing EVERYTHING I can possibly think of, and still not quite 100k.  But that’s alright.

Next year, I’ve decided to use Nano to kick-off the Core War series, the first book of which will be Frontlines, including the return of Adam Caine and Deef Alcott.  Should be fun, but I’ve got others to write first, including the Rowlandos thing, and the Fall of Terra.  Once December has begun and the xmas decs are up, I’ll either be editing Empty Killer, editing The Package, or finishing off the Adam Caine prequel short story (stop grinning Dana).  Lol.

I haven’t posted any Tales recently, and for that I am really sorry (I’m looking at you Victoria).  I will do one this afternoon, I promise.

What else?  Ah yes, this arrived in the post last week:

This is the book sent to me by my good friend Dana Myles (AKA Satin Sheet Diva).  And yes, it’s not my normal genre (as you can tell by the t-shirt), but I’ve been reading her other book, Let There Be Life, and enjoying it, and Dana seems to have a similar sense of humour as I do, so it should be good.  Go to her site for more information: and let her know how great she is.

What else?  Oh yes, got an amazing 4-star review from The Founding Fields:

I think I fainted when I saw it, made my week!

And, not only that, but the British Fantasy Society did a review of Recon One-Five:

So, my next question is… who wants to be blown up in Frontlines?

I will try to keep up with my blogging again, now that the lion’s share of my Nano book is done.

An absolutely massive thanks to my amazing wife Julie for putting up with my writing shit and for being so supportive.  Love you sexy goddess.  xxxxxxxxx

Wookiee out.

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