Mega-Huge Update!!!

A chinese lantern we lit for Melody, Sophie, Frankie, and all the other angel babies…

Hey guys!

Just a post to update y’all on the goings-on this last weekend.

Okay, so Melody’s Moonwalk was an absolute success!  We’ve made over £1300, and an amazing time was had by all.  Except when I was tortured by the sadistic woman waxing my chest.  “Don’t worry John, this isn’t going to hurt.”  Yeah, right.  My tattoos didn’t hurt that much.  Lol.  It was all for charity, so who cares?  The turnout for the walk was a bit poor, although the hot dog eating competition was quite popular (poor Simon only got 7).  There were a few daft costumes and clothes. including my stepmum wearing a clown costume, and me wearing a kilt!

Me wearing me kilt and the official Melody’s Elephant t-shirt!

And I did ten laps (about 8km) barefot around the field!  My feet weren’t actually that bad afterwards!  A little green perhaps…

A big huge thankyou to everyone who came and supported us!

And a massive thankyou to Kelly Peadon who organised most of it on our behalf, without whom this would probably never have happened!


And a big thankyou to those on here and facebook who have sent messages and well wishes to us.  Thankyou!

What else is there?

Oh yes, The Legend of Adam Caine (kindle edition) is currently on offer, free to download until this friday!  I checked the numbers this morning, and it’s close to 300 copies already from both UK and US sites!

So go and download it!

FOR FREE!!!!!!

Here are the links for both events:

Ouch time!

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