Ghosts of Earth

As I’m going through the proof of Ghosts of Earth, the 700-page full-novel sequel to The Legend of Adam Caine, I thought I’d start whetting people’s appetite.  The book carries on 10 years after the tragic events in the All Fall Down stories, with the Core beginning to make overt and covert moves against humanity, ramping up to the Core War.

Still can’t decide what to actually call the series of books (something like End of Times, I dunno).

Maybe I should have a poll on it?  Try something else on this blog, lol.

Anyways, here’s an excerpt from Ghosts of Earth, from Chapter 15:


Something sharp jabbed into the meat of his lower back, and he felt a knife pierce his kidneys.  His legs felt suddenly weak, and threatened to drop him on the floor.

He spun.

Block was there, holding the knife that had stabbed him; that same damn kitchen knife.

His reactions slowed by the first blow, he couldn’t get his arms to move quick enough to block the next hit either, feeling the kitchen utensil slide between the flexible armour plates of his suit, and through his skin to pierce deep into his belly.

Adrenaline surged through him like never before, and he grabbed the serial killer’s knife arm, and head butted him in the face with his forehead.  Stars exploded behind his eyes, and the world started to spin and turn grey.

He was losing blood at an astonishing rate.

He remembered leaving his emergency medical kit in the skybus, and knew this was it.  His final act.

Holding Block with all his might, he snatched his own knife out, and stabbed it into Block’s neck.

A shadow fell over him, like some grim reaper come to take him at long last.

Thirty years, and he finally found me; about goddamn time.

Something blue and blurred fell down in front of him, and stopped.  It looked for all the world like a giant shark’s fin.

There aren’t any sharks in New Amsterdam.

His legs buckled, and suddenly he could swear he could smell wet grass, and hear it swishing in the wind, despite there being no wind in this area, and no grass for miles.

*           *           *           *           *

Evelyn perched the Kara Marazov against the walkway, and bolted out of the airlock, almost falling down the ladder rungs.  The ship had locked on to a homing beacon activated by Caine himself, sending the signal over a scrambled and encrypted frequency.

As she followed the skybus down, she didn’t notice the life-sign slip away onto a cargo platform.

The ship had unerringly followed its master down to his location, practically flying itself.  The thought made her nervous.

She saw her father standing in the middle of the walkway, and the body of the murderer at his feet.  There was a knife jutting from her father’s stomach.  He saw her and smiled.

And then collapsed.


She ran over to him as he slid down one of the walls.  Blood smeared down the wall from his back, and more of it began to quickly pool around his legs.

She ripped the hood off his head, and saw the blood dribbling from his mouth.

His skin was pale in comparison to his trimmed beard.  His breathing was shallow, and his pulse was barely detectable.  She could feel his left hand shaking badly, his body trying to stave off death.

She could see the wound in his front, but he didn’t have any emergency medical kit on him, and she had been too fast in getting out of the ship and getting to him.  She was worried if she went back, he would die without her there.

He looked at her with knowing eyes.

“I love you, Evie,” he said.  His eyes shut, and his body slumped.

“No,” she whispered.  “NO!”

She hammered on his chest, as if that would do any good with two stab wounds in him.  She hammered and she hammered, and she screamed until she was hoarse.


Even as her muscles weakened and she became tired and dry-throated, she tried to get him to wake up.

“Daddy, come back to me.  Please, you haven’t even seen your grandchildren yet.  You can’t leave me now, not after all this time.  DADDY!”

She refused to believe it.

Adam Caine was dead.


Well, what do you think?  Does it make you want to read it?  I hope so…

Let me know what you think!


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        1. shavenwookiee says:

          The first one is on, i think it’s cheaper in the States (don’t know why). It’s about £12.40 here in the UK, although only online! The second is about £4-£6 on amazon. If you want, I can order it myself, sign it and send it to you?

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