Or Adam Logan Caine to give him his full name…

Son of Nathaniel and Cassandra Caine, Staff Sergeant in the Special Boat Service, and holder of a Victoria Cross.  Now, he is Major General Caine (although that’s a bit of a spoiler unless you’ve read all the way through to the end of The Legend of Adam Caine).  He is married to a beautiful scientist and father to a little bundle of joy (the adopted one, not the illegitimate one).  He is a hero to many and villain to others, and is surname is now tattooed to my upper arm (right above the St. Andrew’s Cross).


Okay, so it’s all over the top overblown stuff, but I wanted you to have some sort of mental picture of him before the actual picture.  Sorry, just wanted to talk about my favourite character.

Adam Caine wasn’t based on anyone specific, although at the time I had long scraggily hair.  I’ve always been a huge admirer of the British armed forces, and the Royal Marines in particular.  Adam was born from this, but he was a little bit different, a loner among an amazing group of professional team-players.  He was scarier and more capable than anyone that had walked through the gates at Lympstone or Poole.  Of course, that particular little bit hasn’t yet played itself out, although I have something in mind… eventually.

As I wrote in the upcoming Ghosts of Earth, there are two distinct sides to the character:

ADAM: Loving husband, doting father, loyal friend, and the consummate professional in his field.

CAINE: Raging warrior, mass murderer, silent soldier, destroyer of worlds.

He was the son of a billionaire and future 17th Earl of Cambridge (a made-up title).  But his father wanted him to be like him, always with money and always above everyone else.  He rebelled, learning fieldcraft and hunting techniques from the groundskeeper.  He finished secondary school (aged 16 for you Americans) and signed up to the Royal Marines at Lympstone, lying about his age.  He passed as an enlisted man and eventually becoming the youngest man to be “invited” into the secretive Special Boat Service.  But then he was ordered to commit an illegal order, and refused.  He was drummed out of the service, and forced to make a living in a cinema as an usher.

In 2006, he’s kidnapped and thrown into the future, and then tortured and killed, revived, and tortured all over again, coming close to complete madness.

The initial premise for the original short stories were a question: what if a decorated war hero, faced with the choice to do the right thing, DOESN’T make the right decision?  What if he gives in to his rage?

This is the darkness that pervades Caine’s soul.  Despite all the good that he’s done, all the love he has, can he ever truly overcome the rage in him?  Can he overcome the darkness in his soul that, if unleashed fully, can destroy entire worlds?

Well, that’s Adam Caine…

Let me know what you think….


6 thoughts on “Caine…

  1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

    Hulk Smash – sorry but Bruce Banner is the first character that came to mind. Next up I got an image of the Punisher (loved that comic), not sure why except the guy that played him in the movie (NOT Dolph Lungren, ugh) was kinda cute. Not rogue enough to be Adam Caine (based on what I’m reading here) but close enough until I comb through my movie collection and come up with a more suitable reference. Sadly, he sounds like someone I’d fall head over heels for – I do so love a man with a dark and dangerous side. Great description!

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