Creating a universe from scratch…

Okay, so rather than being lazy (yes, i’m referring to you, ab), I thought I’d try to share my thoughts on building the universe of the Nineteen Galaxies.

It is, without doubt, a daunting prospect trying to build a fictional universe from the ground up.  If you’re like me, and want loads of details to said universe, then you have to create the technology, culture, and even sometimes appearance of it.  There are histories to consider, not just humanity’s, but other races young and old (look at Vulcan’s relationship with Earth in Star Trek: Enterprise).  There are politics to consider, even things like racial prejudice and things like that.

There is, probably most importantly, the names as well.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I killed off David Ploss in Recon One-Five, a headshot that blew out the back of his skull in the first chapter.  And now, I’m writing Abhinav into The Package as a no-good evil intelligence agent.  Although this time he won’t be killed off, becoming a regular pain in the ass for the heroes.

Naming everything can be tricky as you end up naming things the same or similar.  Of course, you also have to consider that people from the same species might have similar sounding names (for example, Iain, Ewan, Eion).  Anyway, the universe has to have an underlying tone that makes certain things believable and others a surprise in contrast to the universe and thus more dramatic.

I don’t know really know where the hell this is coming from, except that I’ve been educating the missus in The Lord of the Rings, and thinking about how I set up the Nineteen Galaxies.

Have a look:


This is just a crappy sketch that’s in my four-book set of hardback A4 notepads (they have a cupboard to themselves).  So far, my stories have been military sci-fi, but these three of four that I’m working on are based around the civilian/non-military characters and thus are surrounded by the culture of the 41st Century.  This is proving a headache as it means coming up with 41st Century drinks, movies, movie stars, etc.

My poor head!

So, is there anyone else out there suffering headaches for creating a large universe (especially a sci-fi or fantasy setting)????


12 thoughts on “Creating a universe from scratch…

  1. Jennifer Don says:

    Just the thought of contemplating over building my own universe is giving me a headache. All mine are taken from locations in the world and twisted to suit my needs without full disclosure. It’s easier that way for me than basing it on a place where I’ve never been.

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      I dunno I’d rather completely make a place up than use places that are already known. My problem is I’d spend months and months simply researching the place rather than do any writing, lol!

      1. Jennifer Don says:

        See that’s where twising it makes it work, you can take what you like and place it where you want without having to name it. Then you call it whatever you want … or at least it’s simple that way in my book as his home city is never mentioned.

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      I gotta admit it helped immensely, and for Ghosts of Earth I made up a picture of the planet where much of the story is based around and a district map of the New York-like city some of the characters run around in.

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