It’s too goddamn hot!

Mother of God!!!!!

I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else, but it’s bloody hot here in Chard (Somerset).  Not that I’m complaining or anything (LOL), but it’s just too damn hot.  For those of you not in the South West England, we are currently experiencing a heat wave, which is kind of a rarity these last few years.  There’s sun and heat, and not a cloud in the sky!

But I’m not built for heat.

My heritage is cold and dark Scotland, and I’ve always been able to stroll through town just wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals in the dead of winter.  When I saw all that snow we had a few years ago (or was it last year?) I bought a deck chair one of those tanning mirrors and parked myself out on the street going, “Man this is amazing weather we’re having.”

For some reason, the locals didn’t take to that, wrapped in their parkas and arctic weather gear.  I just winked and said, “Beautiful day isn’t it?”  They’d all mutter, shaking their heads and telling their friends to stay away from the half-naked “weirdo”.  Sure, I’m the weirdo.  So I’d just hum to myself, sunglasses on.

I’m cool like that.  Bow ties are cool by the way, or so I’m told.

What do you mean get on with it?  How rude…

Anyway, it’s bloody hot here, and thought I’d spread the word.  You know, just in case it gets too hot and I melt and can’t write anymore!  As I was contemplating writing a blog post this morning, I thought “why not let my followers do the talking?”.  So, what do you say?  How’s the weather where you are?  Anyone melting just as badly as me?  Or am I just a big jessie?

Tell me…


14 thoughts on “It’s too goddamn hot!

        1. shavenwookiee says:

          Dunno what it is in fahrenheit, but it’s about 30 celsius in Chard. That’s kind of a big deal for us, lol. Atlanta, huh? Still haven’t been able to get to the States. 😦

          1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

            I’ve been trying to run away to England for about 36 years. lol… Lived in Lakenheath when I was a kid for three years and can’t get the memory out of my mind.

            With the conversion, we’re running about the same here, 26 – 30 celsius, give or take a degree here and there. In other words, hot.

                1. shavenwookiee says:

                  Yeah, that does sound nice actually! Wouldn’t mind seeing the lakes in North Italy, or the Alps. Only ever been to west France, Disneyland, and South Germany. Although the mountains on the drive from Germany into Luxembourg were absolutely astonishing!

                  1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

                    I was born in Germany. Only spent the barest of time there and haven’t been back since. SIGH. I had the idea to sell every thing I own, quit my day job and just go for it, but alas, I write fiction, not live it. LOL

                    1. shavenwookiee says:

                      *Sigh* I know what you mean… I keep saying to my wife “When we win the Lottery…” Lol. Still the hills and towns in South Germany were so beautiful.

      1. Laura Kate MacArthur says:

        Southeast Ohio, up by the Great Lakes. We normally get hit with the Canadian winds coming down from the Arctic, known as the Lake Effect. No such luck right now. Mid 90s fahrenhite. Looking at 30s plus in Celsius. Race to see who’ll melt first, me or my laptop. Type faster, type faster……

  1. Nicole says:

    It’s hot where i’m at right now in Phoenix, Arizona. Just went through two days of 114 degree Fahrenheit blazing sunshine. The heat advisory expires in 30 minutes (8pm over here). Right now it’s 107, but it’s dusk and there is a breeze so it feels okay now… feels more like 99 with the breeze and the setting sun. Can’t wait until Monday when we’ll be at 100…ah then it’ll feel much cooler. In the meantime I’m spending part of my weekend poolside.

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Lol, so it gets a bit toasty out there then! It’s great here, cos us brits always compare our heatwaves to genuinely hot places. “Wow, it’s 32 degrees; at the moment, it’s hotter than tahiti” or some such… As if people in Tahiti or even Phoenix are gonna go, “God it’s cold, I wish I was in Somerset.” Lol. Keep hearing about Phoenix, sounds like a great place!

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