Ramping up to the Core War…


Just a quick post about the coming madness that I’ve given myself to do.  I’ve been trying to come up with stories that will set up a massive conflict I’ve been referring to as The Core War.  It began with The Legend of Adam Caine, introducing the title character, his allies and enemies, and the universe itself.  Then came Recon One-Five, which showed the Pathfinders, the workings of the Terran military, and a very vague hint at the Core working with the Jalic (it’s there I promise).

Anyway, I’m currently waiting for the proof for Ghosts of Earth to come through the post.  This is the sequel to Legend, set ten years after the final story in the book.  It details the Core making their last few attempts at overt subterfuge, before they switch to invading in force and using brute strength to bring down the Terrans.  The book introduces an older, possibly more cynical, Adam Caine, as well as two new characters: Commander Ubis Vanderhak of the HMS Roland Westwood and Ruul Vin-Bornn, a private detective in New Amsterdam on the capital planet.  All three storylines coalesce into one, but all follow different paths, showing different attempts at bringing down, with several characters crossing over one, two, or all three.  It’s pretty complicated (at least from my point of view anyway), and this book represents the fifth time I’ve tried to write this story.  The only thing to survive all five attempts was the Reverend Bishop storyline (which actually doesn’t affect the main storylines).

So, what’s next?  I’ve been looking into setting big fictional events or series up.  Recently, Marvel pulled it off with the Avengers and the films leading up to it (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America if you’re not aware).  Other series that have pulled it off were New Jedi Order where several supposedly unrelated stories were brought together and retconned to be a precursor to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion (Rogue Planet and Crimson Empire II come to mind, although there could be more).

So, how the hell am I gonna top all that???!!!

Originally, I was going to do a series of trilogies, duologies and single books like the New Jedi Order, but it occurred to me that that might not be the right way to go since my universe isn’t as well established as Star Wars.  It also means I can do what the hell I want.  It’s my universe, after all!

So, I’ve decided to have it all under one banner, one name.  Don’t know if it’ll be The Core War or something else -haven’t decided yet!  Actually, why don’t you do the work for me?  Just kidding.  I’m really not sure, though, so any advice, or pass the advice on from someone else would be super.

So, what else am I doing to prepare for it?  Other books!


Before I start writing the Core War, I want to finish the Rowlandos novel (something similar to Ciaphas Cain), which is a spin-off of Legend; I want to write The Fall of Terra, which is actually perpetrated by the Core, detailing the destruction of Earth itself; I’m doing the private detective story in November, which follows on from Ghosts; and there’s the encyclopaedia as well.


So, what do you think?  Answers on a postcard (or just comment below, you choose).

Wookiee out.


6 thoughts on “Ramping up to the Core War…

  1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

    The sheer volume of work you have already produced and the amount still left to go. I find it amazing how you can weave so many stories in and out of each other to form a whole universe of work. (geez, I sound a little geeky right about now, eh?) lol

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Thanks! I’m kind of a huge geek anyway! Well, kind of have to be, don’t I? I’ve got more planned after the War series as well, kind of an aftermath trilogy like the Dark Nest books. I’m probably going mad!

      1. Satin Sheet Diva says:

        Mad with creativity! I love it :-). To know I’m not the only one with all of that running amok in one’s head. I have at least five book ideas in various stages of progress littering up my hard drive as I type. Here’s to the proliferation of words sending us to the land of famous (and well paid) authors.

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