Being a vegetarian carnivore…


In a desperate bid to lose weight, I became a vegetarian.  Holy crap.  Admittedly, the weight loss seems to be working.  I was 23 stone and 12 pounds when I started, and I now weigh 23 and 5, so I’m obviously doing something right!

Anyways, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  Had no meat, except for when I slipped and had a couple of tesco sausages at dad’s for breakfast!  Lol, naughty I know, but it shouldn’t affect the total… hopefully!  Oh well, with all the exercising and all the weight training, I must have lost a few pounds this week, surely?

I just hope I can keep it up.

I love meat.  I can’t help it, even in something as simple as a sandwich (British kind, not the US kind I think).  And yet, I’ve managed to live without it!  Curious, huh?  Quorn stuff isn’t all that bad…

Why are you laughing?

And now, I’m learning to drive.

Stop laughing at the back.

I’ve had one official lesson, and a couple of unofficial ones, and despite my publically known aversion to the deathtrap that is the automobile, I quite enjoyed driving around Glynswood in Chard.  The instructor even got me to get to third gear!  What do you mean you’re never driving again?  I’m not that bad.  Am I?


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