Meat is for big jessies…


I’ve become a veggie.

I’ll save you the jokes -“Does that mean you’ll be sitting on the sofa the entire time?” and “Dear god, call ASDA ;they’re gonna lose half their business.”  And so on.  To be honest, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.  I’m a big lad (23 stone 12 or 151kg), and more than likely it’s not good for me.  Well it’s not is it?  Anyways, I’m not following a specific plan other than cutting down and not having any meat.

Anyone who knows me, especially my family, knows this is a big deal, because quite frankly, I love bangers and mash (with baked beans -has to be!).  It’s fair to say, I like my meat and I’m not a big fan of veg.  Problem.

The first lot of shopping was delivered, and the ASDA driver had a smug look on his face as he saw me for the first time, knowing full well what was in my shopping.  He was shaking his head almost imperceptibly, but I saw it.


When I opened my shopping bags, they were full of Quorn and meat-free products (except the kids’ stuff, which was mostly fish fingers, chicken dippers, waffles, and smilies).  There was a tonne of salad and not a lot else.

Holy shit, this is real.

Then my wife and I decided to go to Boots and get ourselves weighed and measured on the special machine they had.

Yep, definitely time to lose weight.

Yeah, I know I’m bitching about it, but the truth is I’m actually enjoying it.  I’ve got some dumbbells (or dumbells, not sure which) to build up a little muscle -in theory- and some handgrips, all of which burns calories.  It also helps that we’re using a website called, which helps you count the calories of what you’re eating and what exercise you’re doing.

I may have become a tad obsessed.

But never fear, I’m still writing!

God help me!

Ghosts of Earth is currently in what I like to call post-production.  I’m just waiting for the proof to come through in the post.  Should be fun.  Unfortunately for Mr. Ploss, this book’s page-count is currently close to 750 (Sorry, I just can’t write short novels most of the time).

What else?

Ah yes, Recon One-Five has had a couple of great reviews, although Bane of King’s review has now added an extra novel, featuring a battle between the main characters of each of the first two novels: Adam Caine and Deef Alcott!  Dammit.  No idea what the name of it will be, or even what will happen, but it’s gonna be written!  Ooh, almost forgot, both Recon One-Five and The Legend of Adam Caine are both available on Kindle on both sides of the pond (cool, huh?).

Besides chest-waxing and doing a pub crawl to collect for charity, I’m also writing a novel with the proceeds going to BLISS.  The Package is a story about a smuggler trying to get a package home (actually the memory engrams of a recently deceased girl).  Basically, it’s Han Solo, but he doesn’t have Chewbacca as his conscience.

Also, I’ve got a prequel to The Legend of Adam CaineThe Fall of Terra!  Dear god, why?

Oh, and the Rowlandos pirate comedy novel!

Oh, and the NaNoWriMo novel in November.

AND I’m trying to lose weight!



6 thoughts on “Meat is for big jessies…

  1. by wow gold says:

    obviously like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth however I’ll certainly come again again.

  2. lightningpen says:

    Hi, great blog here I hope the new diet works out for you! I’ve been doing a similar thing and it works! I’m a lot thinner now. I can see you’re a very talented writer. Thank you for the follow! Have a great day of writing!

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Thankyou for the follow as well! Yeah, lost a stone now, so I’m obviously doing something right! Thanks for the compliment, though whenever I get asked I always say I’m not very good. Got a while before I’m up to Dan Abnett standards…

  3. Geoff W says:

    1) Thanks for subscribing to The Oddness of Moving Things.
    2) Your handle/screename/whatever it is is AWESOME. It made me laugh when I got saying “shavenwookie likes your post”.
    3) Good luck with the veggie thing. I’ve never been good about it, so have mostly tried to cut back rather than completely cut out.

    1. shavenwookiee says:

      Lol, no problem. Yeah, love the Shaven Wookiee thing as well. I used to be as hairy as a wookiee! The veggie thing isn’t so bad, and it certainly seems to be working!

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