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Haven’t put up a blog for a while (or post, or whatever -it’s my blog dammit, I’ll call it what I want!).  A LOT has happened!  My lovely wife Julie was diagnosed with full-on pre-eclampsia whilst she was not even 27 weeks pregnant (26+4 i think).  On Saturday 25th Feb, she was having serious pain in her abdomen and head, and she was taken to Musgrove Park’s Labour Ward for overnight observation.  Next morning, the consultant told her she couldn’t give birth until she had read the Deathly Hallows (she was reading Prisoner of Azkaban at the time, and still is -see what I have to live with?).

Anyway, an hour later, after the midwives gave Julie a sneaky plate of toast, the consultant rushed in, and told us he was booking a theatre and a cot in the Somerset Neonatal Unit!


I was shocked, as you can imagine.

One of the midwives gave me some scrubs, snazzy white wellies, and a sterile hat, and the two of us were whisked to the Maternity Unit’s theatre for surgery.  To be honest, it took them longer to put Julie’s spinal in then it did to actually take the baby out via caesarian!  Interesting conversation with the anaesthetist (I think that’s how you spell it!) about scrubs the television series and his native land of Oz.

So, at 13.46 on February 26th 2012, our little daughter was born.

Melody Caitlyn Scott.

My little girl.

And I’m still shitting myself even now.  She’s doing better than they could possibly expect from such a premature baby, although she’s still pulling out her damn feeding tubes and scaring us half to death when her SATs drop each time!

Still, I’m so happy and proud, and more so because I got to cuddle her briefly only a couple of days ago!

Oh yes, and I’ve got a book published!


I’m not kidding.

No, I’m serious.

Recon One-Five is it’s name, available on paperback or kindle (I’m stepping further and further into the 21st Century), although paperback is only from the US site, but UK readers can still buy it from online book store.  I’ll try to put links up down the side of this page, but I’m still a little busy! LOL.



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