Hello world!


The wookiee has a blog!  Woohoo!  Oh, wait, I already have one, but I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and sign up to wordpress and corrupt the world with my grunts and growls and being called a “walking carpet”.  I’m sure that’s racist…

Anyways, it’s all Abhinav’s fault, asking me to write a guest blog for the black library bloghole, and I decided for some stupid reason to start my own.  My previous one I neglected and then forgot, then remembered, and thought, “meh!” so i deleted it and started this one (or was it started this and deleted the other?  -I’m not sure!)

This is my space for writing news, stuff I’m reading, previews of my own work (what little there is), and maybe stuff linked around the interwebs.

Anyways, this is me saying hello to the world of blogging again.




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